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Techever eCommerce Turnkey Solution Reseller Program
Build Your Own Successful Online Business - Become Techever Turnkey Reseller. The Techever Reseller Program provides an exciting income opportunity. Feature-rich and hassle-free, Techever's ecommerce solution is the most powerful and turn-key ecommerce solution around. Join our Turnkey Reseller Program, and we will work with you to develop an ecommerce strategy that produces results with a profitable outcome. All support and billing is handled by us, so all you need to worry about is cashing in on the generous commissions!

As the Turnkey Reseller, you will own a private-label ecommerce website, with your own brand, your own price, and your own business contact. The website fully featured ecommerce storefront, backend admin panel, payment and billing system, that we have developed for you. Now, you have a chance to own and use this innovative solution to build a successful ecommerce business online.

Benefit of Reseller
• Private-labeled ecommerce website, with your own brand that is hosted by Techever's world-class hosting center
• Get all ecommerce software and products at the most competitive buy-rate
• Sell ecommerce solutions at your own prices. No advance deposit, or revenue sharing, you decide the sales price, and profit
• Help-desk support from Techever
• Complete pre-built billing system, with recurring sales and installment payment
• Add own custom products and services to the web, and earn more profits
• Get more profit from each sale your reseller makes

Private-labeled eCommerce Website
• Online ecommerce solution sales - let your customer request and order ecommerce products and services from your website
• Online billing and payment - instant create product and service order and get payment to your online merchant account
• Recurring sales and installment - set up the monthly customer pre-paid payment and installment when making the sale
• Fully customizable ecommerce website - The private-labeled ecommerce features backend admin panel that allow you to add pages, change web layout and template, create discount and rebate sales
• Customer merchant site creator - create the customer website instantly with no complicated FTP upload, or DNS and web configurations
• Add your own products and services - you can sell your own unlimited custom products and services with this pre-built ecommerce website

Why is Techever Reseller
• Ecommerce is hot! In the U.S. alone, millions go online to shop every day.
• Sell complete ecommerce turnkey solutions with no advance cost to you
• It is a private-labeled website that is totally controlled by your own and branded with your own brand
• You sell the products and services at your own price, decide the profit
• You get paid right away, no revenue share
• By reselling Techever's turnkey solution, you add monthly residual revenue to your income, with minimal effort.
• If you are presently working on marketing related services like web design, web programming, and web hosting, then Techever products will add value to your total product offering—increasing customer satisfaction, while adding to your bottom line.
• Free help-desk support - you only need to take care the sales and services for your own products and services. Techever turnkey reseller program provides priority 24/7 support to our resellers. If your customers need help, we are always here to help you answer their questions.

Who Can Join The Reseller Program
Web Design and Hosting Firms:
The Techever Turnkey Reseller Program provides an excellent opportunity for web design and hosting companies to supplement existing service offerings with the most highly intuitive and easy-to-manage online store product available today. Techever is a fully managed ecommerce solution, which means zero technical headaches for our web design and hosting partners.

Web Developers and Online Marketers:
If you currently develop and/or market websites, we would like to talk with you about extending and upgrading your present capabilities to include full-service ecommerce websites. Endorse Techever to your clients with confidence through our Turnkey Reseller Program and watch your profits soar! Secure and flexible, Techever solution matches a wide variety of business needs and the online storefront can be easily customized to your clients’ unique specifications.

Business Consulting & Service Providers:

We are delighted to extend our Turnkey Reseller Program to business consulting and business service providers, and we will work with you to ensure that Techever solution is a proper fit for your strategy and consulting initiatives. Techever provides all of the technical aspects of the solution—hosting, a web storefront, online store administration, credit card processing, and much more—so you can stay focused on providing the greatest business value to your clients.

How to Sign Up

Sign Up at Techever
To sign up Techever Turnkey Reseller program, go to the reseller sign up page and fill out the necessary business information. After your sign up we will send you the sign up confirmation with account information and your ecommerce site's log in ID. Your ecommerce website will soon be created at the short time after your sign-up.

Customize Your Web and Set Up Payment

When you get your ecommerce website up and running, you can start input the detail business information to your web and customize the pages and layout of your website. To activate the online payment, you need to set up the online merchant account by inputting the account information in Payment at backend admin panel. Your ecommerce website's online payment module supports the most popular payment gateway, including PayPal.

Cost and Product Purchase

To enroll Techever Turnkey Reseller program, please contact us.  Every time your customer orders Techever's products and services from your website, your markup profit will be deposited to your merchant account while the purchase payment will be paid to Techever's account. You don't need to spend time to handle the purchase billing. Please contact us for details

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